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8 Photography Tips To Help Sell Your Home in Wareham

Want to make the most money on the sale of your house? Real estate photography preparation is one of the major keys. Luckily, I have a talented daughter who is a photographer in Wareham who took time to put together a few tips on how to capture your home in the best light.

Any seller who puts the effort into reading this article and incorporating everything into your real estate photography prep list will likely make thousands of dollars more on the sale.

So let's get to it how do you prepare your home for real estate photos?  

Step 1: Start by preparing your front yard

Your front yard must look perfect before you consider taking any photos or videos. Start by mowing your lawn, pruning trees, trimming shrubs, revamping your garden, fixing your fence and getting rid of fallen leaves. You can plant flowers and paint garden poles as well.

Your front yard should also be free of clutter. Remove empty planters, water hoses, toys, balls among other items that may be distractive when taking photos i.e. garbage cans and sprinklers. You should also remove your car/s from your driveway and close garage doors. Front door frames and eaves should also be free of cobwebs. Paint your exterior if you have too. You should also consider cleaning your windows before the shoot.

In a nutshell, your front yard should look perfect. You can go as far as adding some garden lights for perfect nighttime photos.

Step 2: Prepare your backyard as well

Your backyard also needs to look perfect. Before you stage your backyard, arrange any furniture that is present. You can consider changing the furniture pillows or cushions if they are faded. You should also clean and cover backyard stoves and sweep debris from the deck. Also, don’t forget to get rid of any personal belongings like toys, balls, etc. Home buyers want to envision your property as their own so, make sure the exterior space is spotless and free of personal belongings.

Your pool should also be clean. Remember to remove your pool cleaning supplies, trash cans, and water hoses. Lastly, turn on any water features you may have such as fountains.

Step 3: Start with your kitchen

The kitchen is arguably the most challenging interior space to stage, so it’s advisable to get started there. The idea here is to get a perfect-looking kitchen that is free of clutter and personal effects/belongings. To achieve this, you must clean your kitchen thoroughly. Clean all dishes/utensils in the sink and store them out of sight. Ideally, all dishes/utensils should be out of sight. However, you can leave a fancy knife rack on display. Focus on storing everything in the right place. Food supplies like cereals and baking supplies should be out of sight.

The floor and counter tops must also be spotless. Remove dish cleaning supplies from the sink as well as all photos, notes, calendars, and cards from your refrigerator doors. You can leave basic appliances on your countertop i.e. your coffee maker. Small appliances such as cake mixers, rice cookers, and toasters should be out of sight. You should also remove your garbage can.

Step 4: Proceed to your living room

This step applies to your living room among other common rooms/areas such as entertainment rooms. Common rooms like the living room should be clean, inviting and clutter-free before you photograph them. They should also be free of personal items because of reasons mentioned above.

Get rid of magazines, books, remote controls, photo frames, toys and blankets among other personal items that can distract potential home buyers from imagining themselves in your home. Don’t forget to dust your furniture, electronics, wipe and straighten blinds, clean curtains as well as roll up long cabling and cords.

Leave a few minimal pieces of artwork and clean fireplaces if you have any. You should also consider painting your living room walls and ceiling if needed.

Step 5: Prep the dining room/area

The dining table needs to be clean and clear. You can feature a bouquet of flowers and set the table before taking pictures. All chairs must be straightened and in place. Also, don’t forget to remove child seats or booster chairs. Use this rooms strengths to your home's advantage. If you have multiple dining areas than see if you can turn one into an office or a 'play-space' depending on your target audience. Work with what you have and play to your strengths! This room will look great in photos if put together correctly.

Step 6: Bedrooms

Start with your master bedroom since potential home buyers tend to focus most there. Master bedrooms also require more work. Start by removing all personal items as well as clutter from the nightstands and dressers. Trash cans, laundry and any other distractive items like wall photos and phone/computer chargers should also be out of sight. The bed must also be made perfectly using your best pair of beddings. Don’t forget to clean floors, tables, furniture, blinds, ceiling fans, etc.

You should remove personal items from other bedrooms as well. When staging your baby’s bedroom, for instance, keep the baby cot but get rid of diaper genies, baby photos on the walls, toys, etc. Bedrooms should be clean, neat and free of personal effects.

Step 7: Prep your bathrooms

When staging your bathrooms, your focus should be on creating spa-like bathrooms. To do this, you must clear bathroom counters of all personal toiletries, hygiene items like toothbrush holders and hair styling tools. Showers, sinks, bathtubs, and mirrors must be spotlessly clean and free of personal products like shampoos. Bathroom towels and shower curtains should also be clean and straight. Use white towels and rugs to bring out a spotless effect. Don’t forget to straighten rugs, remove garbage cans and bathroom cleaning supplies from sight. Lastly, replace toilet paper rolls and put your toilet seats down. Your bathroom closet doors should also be closed.

Step 8: Work on the lighting

Once all your rooms are perfect, focus on your lights. Change any damaged lights. When taking photos/videos, make sure you turn on the lights. Lighting is crucial when taking great photos so, make sure all dark areas are well-lit.

That’s it!

Final thoughts on preparing your home for real estate photos:

The above real estate photography steps should help you get your home 100% ready for staging. In most cases, storage spaces and closets aren’t photographed or filmed unless specifically requested. If you need to photograph or film storage spaces and closets, remove all or most clothes and shoes.

You can also move furniture around to create more room. You can make some additions if necessary i.e. buy new furniture if your current furniture is too old. Again, these are personal preferences. If you want the best home photos/video, don’t be afraid to spend some money on a stager. You should also consider hiring a professional real estate photographer.

It takes special skills, expertise, and experience to take great photos and videos. It also matters when you take the photos or video. This is where expert real estate photographers come in handy.

Have any additional advice or comments? Drop me a note in the comments below!

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