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Wareham has long been recognized as the western point of Cape Cod, located in a town in Plymouth County. As of a few years ago, the population was around 21,822. Wareham is a welcoming community with the most significant coastline on the Cape, averaging 54 miles. While the town geographically was known as the “Gateway to the Cape,” recently, the town launched the campaign “It’s Better Before the Bridges.”They want to remind people that Wareham is much more than a pitstop, it’s a beautiful oasis of its own.

Houses in Wareham, MA, are in a great tax bracket and offer an affordable cost of living that keeps homeownership within reach for local residents. This area has a strong community, with longtime residents running local businesses and new entrepreneurs entering the area. Wareham is known for everything from breweries to shipbuilding companies to delicious local food. The town is diverse and accepting as more people flock to the waterfront.


Wareham has always benefited from its fantastic location. Located at the head of Buzzards Bay, the Agawam and Wankinco Rivers join to form the Wareham River.

From pre-European settlement to the present day, Wareham’s history thrived off opportunities from using river and ocean resources and the surrounding marshes and uplands. The native population created the Wareham territory in the late 17th century.


After World War II, the greatest population increase occurred when over 2/3 of Wareham’s housing was built starting in the 1950s. There are over 12,000 houses in Wareham, MH, with one-third being seasonal. The Cranberry Highway was created in the 1950s to support the influx of commercial demand and Cape-bound traffic.


Cranberry growing remains a significant financial base of the Wareham area. Cranberry growers own over 30% of the land. Houses in Wareham, MA, are diverse and deeply rooted in the historical changes of the area. Depending on the neighborhood, there are Victorian-era cottages and high-style residences in Wareham. Great Neck and County Roads boast a rural 18th and 19th century feel, with many 20th century communities arranged in the surrounding area.

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Wareham has always been known as a transportation center, cut in half by the Bay Colony Railroad that crosses thru to Cape Cod. Barnstable Municipal Airport is a short drive away if you need to fly nationally. The closest international airports are located in Boston and Road Island. Wareham is bordered by Marion, Rochester, Middleborough, Carver, Plymouth, and Bourne. Houses in Wareham, MA, are in close proximity to the surrounding towns, where you can


There are several neighborhoods in the Wareham, Massachusetts area, including Onset, Wareham Center, West Wareham, East Wareham, and Weweantic. Surround lakes, and ponds include Blackmore Pond, Horseshoe Pond, and Marys Pond. Wareham is primarily residential, although it’s still a popular summer location for many tourists. Houses in Wareham, MA, offer various options for you to find your perfect fit.


Wareham boasts a variety of seasonal and year-round activities for people of all ages. The large waterfront area is a great place to enjoy swimming, boating, fishing, kayaking, and canoeing. There are plenty of rental locations in the area, where you can spend the day enjoying the summer sun. Nemasket Kayak Center is an idyllic destination to enjoy kayaking or paddleboarding on Cranberry Pond. If you have children, they’ll love watching a movie at Flagship Cinemas, playing mini-golf at Sand ’n’ Surf, or playing bumper boats at Cartland of Cape Cod.


Houses in Wareham, MA, are close to Wareham Crossing, where you can shop, eat, and find local activities all day. Water Wizz is an amusement and water park located in East Wareham. The entertainment options in the town are family-friendly and transition seasonally to keep residents happy throughout every season.


If you love spending time outside, check out Buzzards Bay Park, Coonamessett Farm, or the Heritage Museum and Gardens. The Cranberry Harvest Festival is another local favorite in the Wareham area. There is so much to explore, from history to beautiful vistas.


Cast Seaside Bites & Bar in Marion offers a fresh catch of ingredients and local seafood casting a wide net of culinary influences in a dining experience that is meant to be shared


If you’re looking for houses in Wareham, MA, check out all of the local neighborhoods to find the best fit for your lifestyle and preferences. This unique location definitely deserves the title “Better Before the Bridges!” It’s much more than a gateway to Cape Cod. Nowadays, it’s home to a loyal community, a growing business environment, and beautiful natural scenery. Wareham, Massachusetts, is a great location to settle down, with options that range from more urban or rural living.

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