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Onset Real Estate is a wonderful opportunity to join this tiny yet bustling community. The village was built in the 1800s, creating its historical roots that date back generations. Many of the same storefronts and cottages remain, sustaining the Victorian charm that gives Onset, Massachusetts, its appeal. The village is located in the town of Wareham, boasting a small population of 1,500 residents.

During the summer, the surrounding beaches attract a plethora of visitors who indulge in the slow-living atmosphere of the area. Onset Beach, MA Real Estate is beautiful and scenic for anyone that loves marine life on the water.


If you live in Onset, Massachusetts, the water is a short walk from anywhere in the village. It’s only 2 miles from Cape Cod Canal, and you can easily take the bridge over to Cape Cod. All of the Onset, MA Real Estate is less than an hour from Boston and Providence. You can take a weekend trip anytime and bypass the stressful traffic from Sagamore and Bourne Bridges. The village is an ideal place to live if you need to commute to the Cape for work, but you prefer a quaint, nautical environment.

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According to, Onset, Massachusetts, has an excellent livability score of 74. Since the area is so small, residents have a sense of comfort and comradery in their community. The crime rate is extremely low, making it a safe oasis for young professionals, families, and retirees alike. One public school serves the area, so children build strong relationships with their teachers and classmates.


If you are looking for Onset, MA Real Estate, you can expect a wide range of housing options. Whether you’re looking for a historic home or a contemporary option on the water, plenty of opportunities are available for you. There are no neighborhoods in Onset due to its small size, but there are different areas you can choose to settle down.


 There are houses in the commercial area, waterfront properties near Onset and Shell Point beach, and a residential neighborhood near the Beaver Dam Wetlands. There is a nice contrast between beachfront and woodland environments depending on the location.


Outdoor Activities and Natural Vistas

There are plenty of activities and entertainment options in this vibrant city. Onset is small but mighty, making it a great choice if you want to live off the Cape. Living in Onset doesn’t mean you have to make any sacrifices! Onset’s location on Buzzards Bay offers exquisite beaches, excellent kayaking, biking, fishing, and boating activities, alongside the beautiful views. In the summertime, the city comes alive with excellent outdoor entertainment to keep you basking in the sun for hours.

Year-Round Festivals and Events

The village is home to the Onset Bay Association (OBA), a nonprofit that creates year-round events to support the arts and community. Onset Real Estate offers much more than just scenic vistas, it’s also a hub of culture and history.


The OBA hosts over 30 community events throughout the year: the annual Easter Egg Hunt, Kayak Poker Run, Summer of Love Music Series, Wareham-Onset Independence Day Fireworks, Illumination Night, Onset Blues Festival, Chalk-Full-of-Fun Street Painting Festival, Midsummer Shakespeare, Kite Festival, and Christmas in the Parks just to name a few. These events allow residents to meet local artists and musicians while enjoying an inexpensive night of fun!


One of the biggest festivals that draw in tourists from all over New England is the Cape Verdean Festival. Many people plan vacations just to attend this fantastic event. If you own Onset, MA Real Estate, you will have early access to all the village's exhilarating activities.

Playground, Sports, and Delicious Food

The Leroy Ellis Playground is a great place to go year-round if you have children or pets. It’s positioned beachfront so you can enjoy your time in the sand while the children play. There’s plenty of foliage and trees to keep you shaded during the warm months.


The second you get into Onset, you’ll be greeted by Onset Avenue, ridden with some of the best restaurants and shops in the village. Some of the most noteworthy food stops include Ella’s Wood Burning Oven and Lindsey’s Family Restaurant. If you’re a lover of waterfront dining, check out the Quadog Republic, Stash’s, and Cape Cod Lobster Rolls. After dinner, you can grab a cocktail at Stevie B’s or the 1883 Lounge.


Onset, MA Real Estate is a great location for any sports lovers out there! Most of the activities take place at Leonard C. Lopes Memorial Park. When there are no events, the site includes a baseball diamond, two basketball courts, a playground, and a picnic area, where you can take the kids.


For such a quaint location, Real Estate in Onset, MA, assures that you get the best of both worlds. With plentiful access to nature, beaches, local entertainment, and businesses, you’ll find yourself entertained every season. The prime location makes it ideal for commuters, with less than an hour's drive to surrounding hot spot cities. Onset offers slow-living or a city bustle, depending on what suits your lifestyle.


Whether you want a year-round residence or a summer vacation home, Onset Real Estate has everything you need all in one place: beautiful views, action-packed entertainment, a strong community, rich culture, and an amazing livelihood!

Image by Minh Pham


Whether you are buying or selling property as my client, I am committed to what works for you.

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